The Healthy Air Initiative | Earth Day 2023 & Primary.Health - Primary Health

The Healthy Air Initiative | Earth Day 2023 & Primary.Health

Earth Day Healthy Air in Schools

Learn more about the impact that air quality can have on our health, how minor adjustments can make a big difference in air circulation, and why Primary.Health is committed to driving awareness about healthy air initiatives.

This year’s Earth Day reminds us of the rapidly evolving environmental changes impacting our day-to-day lives. 

As a Californian, I am no stranger to the harsh impacts of climate change, such as last year’s brutal heat wave that fueled the Mosquito Fire, which destroyed thousands of acres of property and sent plumes of smoke into the atmosphere. And the expected devastating fire season due to our historic wet winter. 

Climate change and our daily actions mean our air quality is declining. The American Lung Association noted that “much of the western United States suffers from worsening air quality in recent years.” 

That said, we should all focus on improving air quality and eliminating air toxins and pollutants that can devastate health, especially in vulnerable populations such as school-aged children. 

Air pollution, like wildfires, has directly impacted students’ academic abilities. We are responsible for addressing this issue and ensuring that every child has access to clean air in their learning environment so all kids can reach their potential in the classroom.

In a recent discussion with Sam Molyneux, Poppy Health co-founder and CEO; Sarah Trist, Head Start Program Operations Manager at the City of Oakland; Julie Kushner, State Senator of Connecticut; and Dr. Rachel Keith, Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Louisville on improving indoor air quality across schools—there was universal agreement that more could be done to achieve better air quality. 

“Addressing and improving air quality can help with children’s overall well-being – from a reduction of chronic disease to improved academic performance. All of which have downstream effects on health equity. To achieve these positive results, we need to take the burden off the individual and put in place community-based solutions. ” – Dr. Keith

The reality is that better air quality is more attainable than we previously thought. Together with our partner, Poppy, Primary.Health proves this through cost-effective indoor air monitoring solutions to improve school air quality. Minor adjustments to air circulation, like leaving a fan on in a room, significantly impact air quality and can improve room pathogen-clearing rates by over 30%. We are committed to driving awareness among the public about the importance of air quality and investing in technology that will help protect our planet and the health of our communities. 

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