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At-home Colorectal Cancer Test Kit

At-home test kit

Convenient and noninvasive screening test that checks for the presence of blood in the stool

FSA/HSA eligible


FSA/HSA eligible

Currently available in 38 states.

What you get:

At-home test kit


Tests for

Colorectal cancer


Recommended for

People 20 years and older, especially for those with additional risk factors


Collection method

Stool sample: A small sample of stool (poop) is collected



Results of concern require follow up from a licensed healthcare provider

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Reasons to take an at-home Colorectal Cancer test


Symptoms may include changes in bowel movements, blood in stool, abdominal pain/discomfort, weakness and fatigue.

Why test?

  • Early detection of colorectal cancer gives the best chance at successful treatment and recovery.
  • Colorectal screenings can help identify changes in the body that may indicate a risk for developing cancer
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How to use your Colorectal Cancer Kit

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